»   Trinum Demo and visit of Malaysian Delegation: July 2011
Innova and Rubicon Cleantech organized the demo visit for the Malaysian delegation of Mr. Salleh from Solaralert and Mr. Abo Yusof from Public Works Department of Malaysia on July 19, 2011. During the one day demo, the visitors had the opportunity to see Trinum’s performance under real conditions.

Visitors pointed out to solar cooling and its importance for Malaysia where the 60% of the generated power is consumed by cooling. With that respect, Trinum is offering a significant market potential by providing solar cooling and power generation for remote villages with no grid connection. Please click for Rende demo pictures.

»    Trinum introduction in Malaysia: May 2011
Rubicon Cleantech introduced Trinum to potential distributors and real estate developers in Malaysia. With its location close to equator and 12 months summer conditions, it is a market with a high demand for cooling. In addition, Malaysia’s booming construction and real estate sectors are providing an interesting market opportunity for Trinum’s green building application.

»   34th Construction Convention- Istanbul: April 2011
On April 30, 2011 Rubicon Cleantech representative Serkan Oskay presented “Solar trigeneration alternative in green buildings: Trinum” within 34th Turkeybuild convention, the largest construction convention of Turkey. Several green buidlings examples from the globe and Trinum’s relative advantages were discussed within EKO World section of the convention. You can read its summary at here (in Turkish).

»    Solarex Istanbul: March 2011
At Solarex Istanbul convention between 10th and 13th of March, Rubicon Cleantech (RCT) exhibited Trinum, a solar dish product by Innova represented RCT in Turkey. Rubicon Cleantech managers Serkan Oskay and Halil Yalınkılınç expressed their satisfaction at the interest shown to Trinum at its first display in Turkey. With a remarkable portion of visitors from outside of Turkey, Trinum’s promotion extended to neighbour markets as well.

»   Innova Representation: October 2010
Innova and Rubicon Cleantech signed an agreement about Innova’s representation in Turkey and parties announced it at TIREC (Turkish International Renewable Energy Congress) on October 1, 2010. Innova introduced Trinum, the first solar dish integrating a Stirling engine to co-generate power and heat, after a 5-years R&D work. Please click here for more detailed information about Trinum.

»    MUSIAD: June 2010
Rubicon Cleantech managers organized a conference about “Net Zero Energy Building Modelling and LEED US green building certification” to MUSIAD, Independent Industrialists and Businessmen Association.

»    GYODER Real Estate Summit: June 2009
Rubicon Cleantech organized the visit of two speakers from New York City for the summit organized by GYODER, the association of real estate companies:
      »» Mark MacCracken, Board Member of USGBC, US Green Building Council, and
      »» Ally Gündüz, VP of Global Relations at Manhattan Chamber of Commerce
Both speakers received significant coverage from leading media publications such as CNN and Milliyet. Mr. MacCracken gave an interview about their global strategy for LEED (US Green Building Standards), ecology and sustainability to You can find the interview at here (in Turkish).

»   EKODESIGN Conference: April 2009
Rubicon Cleantech prepared the opening speech of EKODESIGN conference that was delivered by GYODER (the association of real estate companies) President Mr. Turgay Tanes.

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